NUMB013 Hurry Up Pony!

by Gathaspar

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We're getting a lot of Demos on a daily basis and listening through them is a daily grind. The longer we listen the longer we're kinda disappointed by how the music industry evolves. However, getting a Demo from this young polish artist was incredibly refreshing and obviously the first artist who made it to Numbolic Records that way!

Gathaspar is a natural-born storyteller and with his own subtle hooks he turns in a solid and fabulous EP that covers more then the darker end of the techno spectrum. ‘Hurry up Pony!’ is ultra deep breathtaking, and yet remained sexy in a way, it is surprisingly slow and everything seems perfectly timed.

This release includes 5 marvelous and stunning re-interpretations by Dualism / Hidenobu Ito / Kaster Cordalis / Grau / Storlon.
The range clasp a feeling by riding into full-blown dance floor until very approaching cutting-edge sounds.
All in all NUMB013 is a pretty darn well slotted sound package!

Be Numbolic..!


Fabrizio Maurizi - Minus / Bpitch Control / Memento Records
The Grau remix is super good! thanx

Akiko Kiyama - Mean / Eminor Records / Adjunct Audio Contexterrior
love saving is sexy (grau remix ) and valley (storlon remix).. realy nice stuff.

Jorge Savoretti - Esperanza / Einmaleins Musik / Foundsound Records
nice tracks! will play some

Hugo Duran - Resopal Schallware / Thema / Underline
I can feel themes & grooves better at the slower ones: hurry up pony!, we have nothing & valley.
Nice titles. Thanks.

Signal Deluxe - Blaq Records/ Trenton Records
superb release dark and trippy! lovin the deep vibes on this one!

James Teej - Rekids / My Favorite Robot / No.19 / We play house
diggin the dualism remix on this... totally dirty beats. nice

Christian Dittmann - Rrygular / Archipel / Persona / Numbolic
we have nothing & valley. like them. obscure as they can be. frightening atmosphere. well done. digging grau and storlon remixes as well. hard work there

Omar Salgado - 31337 Records / Unlock Recordings / Numbolic
Really nice tunes. My fav is Kaster Cordalis and Grau remix.

John Templeton - Emote Music
The originals are good not, great, but the meal ticket for me would be the remixes. All five remixes will see action, especially the Hidenobu Ito remix and the Storlon remix of Valley. Another fine release from Numbolic!

Geoff Bell - Numbolic / Lust Recordings
Really great Industrial Tunes my fav. Track is Valley i n this track i like the atmosphere which it radiate.
It lets much Space live to its Items to

Kev Obrien - Doppelgaenger / Gastspiel / Loco Records
nice low slung groove in Hurry Up Pony, great early night builder. will test this.

Lineas de Nazca - Numbolic / Adjunct Audio / Igloo Records / Greener Records
great add to numbolic! welcome gathaspar!

Katzo - Enliven Music / Lessizmore / Safari Electronique
really deep and little a bit dark. still well working tunes.

Dr. Nojoke - Archipel / Redukt
nice release all in all favs are the grau and storlon remix.

Sebastian Herre - Produkt Schallplatten / Human Interaction
I like the remixes the most!
Storlon's way is very unique and interesting, Grau's remix a good for clubs and Dualism's rework is super crazy in the best way!

Beta Boy - Freaks Radio Show / Noize Radio / Greece
Great ep guys. I like the most of them. Hurry uo Porny! :)

Tim Thaler - Berlin FM
for radio play, thanks.

Christopher Çolak - Dinamo_FM / Acik Radio / Halfstereo
Interesting sound. Will play and promote. I like it.

A.Cue - Radio Sceen_fm
welcome Numbolic on! great sound..

Erwin Kelemen - FREIES RADIO
Favourite Track: Kidnapped Balloon
great tune!

Hector Pizarro - Tretmuehle / Gastspiel / Doppelgaenger
Valley storlon remix for me!

Christian Szer - Schieber Productions / Bosphorus Underground Recordings

Chris Power - Guardian / Drowned in Sound
Really nice atmosphere to the originals. Gathaspar is one to watch.

Jorge Savoretti - Esperanza / Einmaleins Musik / Foundsound Records
nice tracks! will play some


released April 22, 2011

Hidenobu Ito
Kaster Cordalis



all rights reserved


Numbolic Zürich, Switzerland

Numbolic is a music platform based in zurich that cares for unconsumed and deep electronic club & underground music. It was founded in 2009 by the innovative swiss duo ‘Dualism’. “A we offer a platform for artists who all share the same goals and ideas we are costantly trying to push musical and artistic boundaries..”! ... more

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